NAGLFAR formed in 1992. The band was originally named "Uninterred", and was founded by Jens Rydén on vocals and guitar, and Kristoffer Olivius on bass. The band had its first full line-up when Ulf Andersson (Nocturnal Rites) joined the band to play drums, and Morgan Hansson and Fredrik Degerström joined on guitar. With this new line-up Rydén could concentrate on vocals. In March 1994, Degerström left NAGLFAR, due to personal issues with the band as well as musical differences. Soon afterward Andersson left the band to concentrate on Nocturnal Rites. It was during this period that the band wrote and recorded their first demo in Garageland Studio, titled Stellae Trajectio. The demo was released im November 1994. Before it was publicly released, however, the band officially changed their name to NAGLFAR, the name deriving from a ship in Nordic mythology made from the nails of the dead.

The last album “Cerecloth“ was released on 08.05.2020 through Century Media.


  • Kristoffer W. Olivius - Vocals

  • Andreas Nilsson - Guitar

  • Marcus E. Norman – Guitar

  • Efraim Juntunen - Drums

  • Alexander Friberg - Bass