About Us

RECOIL MERCHANDISING was founded by Michael Grosicar (Redback Promotion) with the main focus on Rock & Metal music Artists and their supporters.
It's not just a simple merchandise company.

We are an 
Artist nurturing company.
Together with our represented Artists we promote and develop names into a representative and salable brand.

In close cooperation with our Artists, we create a new added value that many have been looking for a very long time - or perhaps simply just missed so far...

Through simple solutions of complex businesses and global challenges we are able to improve the ability to manage risks, challenges and problems to develop an overall B2C merchandising performance to generate a full customer experience and satisfaction of any Artists supporter.
This is undeniable a positive RECOIL for Artists - because music isn't just art and performance, it's a business.

The music world has changed a lot since the very beginning until today.
Many Artist supporters won't buy their music on records anymore and a few of them won't even visit concerts very often as they were used to.
This is not the end nor a one-way street. There are still many other opportunities just a mouse click away from all of us...
New paths of how to build and develop Artist names into a brand to create and sell products, are absolutely necessary and important these days.
We are supporting Artists to turn their band into a brand.