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IN THE WOODS... | Men / Unisex | Lumberjack Shirt with Embroidery | "Rune Logo"

IN THE WOODS... | Men / Unisex | Lumberjack Shirt with Embroidery | "Rune Logo"

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What do you really need in the woods…?

Right! A flannel lumberjack shirt with our embroidered "Rune Logo" on it.

Here you are.


Product Details

  • Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester 

  • Grammage: 180g/m² 
  • Processing: flannel 
  • Shape: Fashionable fit + Two breast pockets with flap and snap fastener
  • Extras: Long sleeve cuffs and roll-up sleeves 




Please see data sheet for exact measurements. All of items are pre-washed to reduce the risk of shrinking after your first washing. As most items are made from the natural product cotton, it's something that might occur sometimes.  When you are unsure about the matter of 2 sizes, we always suggest the bigger sizes, especially for hoodies, zippers, sweatshirts and jackets.


Important Note

All of our offered manufactured merchandise comes in a very high quality.

That is not just a promise.

We don't want our supporters to wear cheaply produced merchandise with our logo on it and we don't want to accept you to be unsatisfied with a rather poor quality. All of our offered merchandise items comes in fashion standard, which we are very proud of.

We are sure you will be proud of the extraordinary quality which lasts longer than most any other merchandise out there.

Thank you very much for your support!



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